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      Architecture should tell a story. It should encapsulate culture, history, tradition and modernity. At JSTI, we bear this in mind when we are contracted to deliver a new built environment. Our multi-disciplinary teams make sure that throughout the whole process of planning, design and construction, every effort is made to shape our projects so that they belong. We incorporate the most innovative solutions to create sustainable and green developments that belong in a cleaner future. 
      • Project & Construction Management
        • Preliminary Studies 
        • Budget and Schedule Goals Set-up
        • Master schedule
        • Coordination and Design Supervision
        • Value Engineering
        • Packages List Set-up
        • Construction Schedule Program
        • Contract and Purchase management
        • Activity Coordination
        • Cost Control and deadline management
        • Management and Supervision of the works
        • Health and Safety Coordination
        • Final Acceptance and Commissioning
      • General consultancy
        • Feasibility Studies 
        • Requirement and needs Programs
        • Investment Studies
        • Urban Consultancy
        • Environmental Consultancy
        • Functional Studies
      • Operational Management Consultancy
        -  Auditory 
        -  ?Analysis of pathologies and rehabilitation projects
        -  ?Energy efficiency Consultancy
        -  ?Communication
        -  ?Safety
        -  ?Rehabilitation of contaminated areas
      • Engineering and Architecture
        • Preliminary studies: Geotechnical, Topography, Hydrogeology 
        • Conceptual and Basic Engineering
        • Detailed design
        • Architecture
        • Urban planning and landscape
        • Civil engineering and structures
        • Mechanical, Electrical and Communications facilities
        • Eco-engineering